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Home > Stress Relief Qi Gong > Qi Gong for Healthy Digestion

Qi Gong for Healthy Digestion

Qi Gong for Healthy Digestion
Price: $20.00
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Healthy Digestion is essential for a joyful, vibrant life. Master instructor Lee Holden has created a gentle sequence to stimulate the organs and balance metabolism. Lee will guide you through gentle, fluid Qi Gong movements to release stress, open vital energy pathways, and stimulate acupuncture spots. Not only will you improve your digestion, but your entire body will feel relaxed, alive, and invigorated!

Qi Gong for Healthy Digestion will:

  • Energize the internal organs
  • Create a more efficient metabolism
  • Build a leaner, healthier body
  • Increase energy
  • Develop better assimilation of food
  • Heal digestive problems      


Click here to View the Qi Gong for Healthy Digestion Pocket Routine Guide Back Page

Click here to download
the Pocket Routine Guide PDF

(requires Adobe Acrobat)
Special Bonus Features:
  • Interview with Lee Holden
  • Behind-the-Scenes Footage
  • Pocket Routine Guide
  • How to Use this DVD
Routine: 35 minutes exercise time PLUS bonus material

Qi Gong for Healthy Digestion

Sequence of Movements


  1. Knocking on the Door of Life
       Brings energy to the internal organs, opens the low back,
       and increases energy.
  2. Deep Abdominal Breathing
       Massages internal organs; clears stress and tension from the
       body and digestive system.
  3. Energy Belt Breathing
       Massages the internal organs; strengthens the diaphragm,
       lungs, and internal organs.
  4. Fire Breathing
       Increases metabolism, strengthens the digestive fire, and
       energizes the organs.
  5. Abdominal Circles
       Soothes digestion, clears stress from digestive organs, and
       brings circulation to the abdomen.
  6. The Pump
       Strengthens energy in the internal organs and in the digestive
  7. The Arrow
       Strengthens the legs and stretches the spine.
  8. The Arrow: Stretch and Flow
       Clears stress and tension from the body; improves flexibility
       in the abdomen, chest, back, and hamstrings.
  9. Qi Belt Flow
       Relaxes the digestion, clears stress, and creates a feeling of
       being centered.
  10. Spreading the Feathers and Twist
       Clears tension from the rib cage, opens the diaphragm, and
       brings energy to the internal organs.
  11. Shaking
       Clears stress and tension, opens the joints, and relaxes the
       internal organs.
  12. Tree Swaying
       Clears stress; relaxes the mind; brings energy to the liver, gall
       bladder, and stomach.
  13. Pebble in the Pond
       Brings healing energy into the digestive system. Calms
       emotional energy.
  14. Turning the Wheel
       Creates a feeling of being centered and balanced. Cultivates
       digestive energy.
  15. Centering
       Relaxes the mind, balances emotions, and brings energy into
       the digestive system.
  16. Qi Ball Breathing
       Meditative and energetic exercise to focus energy into the
       lower abdomen and digestive system.

Lying Down Face-Up

  1. Deep Abdominal Breathing
       Brings energy to the internal organs and relaxes the
  2. Breathing into the Ribs
       Stretches the ribs, allows for deeper breathing, and brings
       energy to all internal organs.
  3. Hug Both Knees into the Chest
       Opens the low back, massages the internal organs, and
       facilitates peristalsis (healthy movement through the
  4. Hug One Knee to the Chest
       Opens the hips, massages the internal organs, and facilitates
  5. Twist
       Opens the low back and rib cage. Increases circulation and
       energy to the internal organs.
  6. Abdominal Massage
       Clears tension and blockage through the abdomen. Promotes
       healthy circulation and energy through all the internal organs.

QiGong (pronounced "chee gong" and alternatively spelled as "qigong," "qi gong," or "chi kung") is sometimes called â??the new yogaâ?? - but the practice dates back thousands of years to ancient China.

The word â??qiâ?? (or â??chiâ??) means â??life forceâ?? or "vital energy of the body," and â??gongâ?? means accomplishment or skill that is cultivated through steady practice. Qi Gong is specifically designed to cultivate the body's vital energy, using it to heal and strengthen every system throughout the body. Thus, qi gong means â??cultivating energy,â?? and it involves working with energy to strengthen and cleanse the body. Using these Qi Gong DVDs, CDs, and videos will improve your relaxation, reduce pain, and improve your health.

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