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Resources & Links

For additional information regarding Lee Holden's healing practice and in-person qi gong classes in Santa Cruz, please go to www.pacifichealingarts.com.

Also, if you are interested in seeing Lee Holden on TV, check with your local PBS affiliate regarding programming plans. You may be able to watch Lee Holden and Qi Gong for Beginners during one of the upcoming showtimes.

To hear a radio interview of Lee Holden, discussing the benefits of Qi Gong, click on the following link provided by Total Fitness Radio, from VoiceAmerica's Health Channel:

Friends Around the Web

Here are some links to additional resources that might be helpful in connection with the practice of qi gong, meditation, tai chi, yoga, and other programs designed to enhance your wellness and well-being:

Parent Giving: Live a Healthier Life with Tai Chi - An article written by our friends, Alena and Regina, with an abundance of insightful information about Tai Chi and how the practice can improve your physical health and emotional wellbeing. 

The Rising Lotus Qigong - Offers Qi Gong clinics and workshops. Site maintained by Christina Barea, author of "Qigong Illustrated."

Moving in Stillness - Medical Qi Gong instruction in the Baltimore, MD area by Karl Ardo. Also offers Zero Balancing services.

Qi Healing System - Gary Blaze offers unique Qi Healing services in Michigan, as well as Distant Healing services anywhere in the world.

Triangle Tao - Julian Davis's services focus on the Tao path of self-acceptance, exploration, and care. Located in Durham, NC, he offers medical Qi Gong and guided imagery services, among others.

TLC Tai Chi-Qigong - Raven Cohen, a Floridian, works with seniors teaching Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Recorded a CD of jazzy Qi Gong-inspired tunes.

World Class IMA / Michigan Institute of Qi Gong Healing and Wellness - Great informational Qi Gong page from this Detroit metro-based wellness center. Also, visit their Develop Your Energy and the Michigan Qi Gong sites.

Simply Aware - Qi Gong and Tai Chi classes in the Dallas metro area. Sifu Chris's wellness center offers a variety of services, from group instruction to Skype-based learning.

Elixir Qigong Center - Visit Dr. Camilo and his traditional Chinese medicine center in Charolette, N.C., which features Qi Gong, acupuncture, and herbal medicine.

SunLight Chair Yoga - Of course, we love gentle exercise, so we invite you to visit our friends practicing chair yoga in sunny south Florida.

True Ark Creations - This business is awesome! We love to see people who transform physical or emotional pain, disability, illness, or other hardship into something of beauty. Huge thumbs up and congrats to the amazing people that created this business. True Ark Creations sells hand-made items of all varieties. Each item is a work of art, created by someone with chronic pain, disability, or illness. This business is run by an Exercise To Heal fan who has turned her own chronic pain into a commitment to helping others. Also, visit them on Facebook.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) DVDs and EFT for Healthy Weight Loss - EFT is a healing modality based on Chinese medical principles, using tapping combined with affirmations to clear stress and negative feelings from the mind and body. These pages were created by a lovely team of sisters who are Exercise To Heal fans and amazing ladies, spreading light in the world at every opportunity.

Susan O'Neill - Susan O'Neill is an intuitive energy healer using a variety of techniques. Susan provides powerful insights to her clients, and she describes herself as "psychic" and a "medium." Susan practices Qi Gong and performs energy healing using intuition as a guide - long-distance or in-person. While modern science might not have caught up with the type of work Susan does, we think this mode of healing can be helpful. After all, there are many species of animals that communicate with each other without words. Isn't it possible that human beings might also have some innate abilities to tap into knowledge outside of ourselves as well? Maybe we have just begun to explore the mysteries of Qi . . . In any case, Susan's got a big heart, and she often donates the proceeds from her readings to charity.

Geoff Greig at EvoSwing Golf Instruction - A fellow believer in the benefits of Qi Gong for golf! Geoff is a PGA Teaching Professional with a diverse athletic background, ranging from Tai Chi to soccer. This multi-sport background played an important part in the development of EvoSwing, a unique golf training program he developed and teaches to golfers through one-on-one training and golf instructional products.

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