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Lee Holden Classic QiGong Pack

Lee Holden Classic QiGong Pack
Price: $110.00

   Many of our customers "can't get enough" of Lee Holden's wonderful healing insights and clear teaching techniques . . . so we've made it easier than ever to bring his classic DVDs into your home - in one click!   

Lee Holden
Classic Qi Gong Pack

   Mix and match these comprehensive routines to create a truly customized healing workout for yourself for one convenient price of $110! Includes free shipping in the continental U.S. (restrictions may apply)

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Click images below for more information on each title

Qi Gong Flow for Beginners
Qi Gong
Flow for Beginners
Qi Gong for Stress
Qi Gong
for Stress
Qi Gong for Upper Back and Neck Pain
For Upper Back
and Neck Pain
Qi Gong for Low Back Pain
Qi Gong
for Low Back Pain
Qi Gong 7 Minutes of Magic
Qi Gong
7 Minutes of Magic
Meditation for Health and Healing by Lee Holden (CD)
Meditation for
Health and Healing

Includes 5 DVDs which feature Lee's first 4 titles and Meditation CD!

QiGong for Beginners (DVD): A great way to begin your practice. Featured on American Public Television & PBS stations nationwide.  It's a gentle moving meditation that releases tension, cultivates energy, and helps connect you to your own inner sense of balance and harmony.

QiGong for Stress (DVD): The perfect antidote to ease the chronic effects of a busy life. With the gentle, flowing movements of Qi Gong.  Lee Holden guides you through a serene, relaxing workout that transforms stress into a healthy source of energy!

QiGong for Upper Back and Neck Pain (DVD): After a long day, this routine does the trick to "unkink" a common trouble spot. Computers, cell phones and too much pressure from everyday life can create tension, stiffness and pain in our neck and upper back region.  Unblock these sensitive energy areas with a gentle, flowing routine specifically meant to provide relief from this all-too-common problem area in our bodies.  Note: some exercises in this routine are performed seated and others are done standing.

QiGong for Low Back Pain (DVD): Relax the back with this soothing workout. Created by Qi Gong Master Lee Holden (and featured on PBS stations throughout the US), Qi Gong for Low Back Pain  builds strength, alleviates pain, and clears tension in the lower back, as well as throughout the entire body.

7 Minutes of Magic ( DVD). Lee's groundbreaking routine combines qigong and yoga moves in morning and evening routines that will recharge, relax and rebalance your body, mind and spirit in just minutes.  The perfect workout to boost your health anytime!

You also get Lee's popular CD

Meditation for Health and Healing by Lee Holden (CD). Lee's guided meditation that soothes, refreshes and releases your body's innate natural healing powers.  It's also wonderful just before bedtime to help you release the stress of the day and have a deep, restful sleep.

It's an all-in-one pack of Lee Holden's unique approach to health and healing...for just $110.

"I received the Lee Holden Classic Pack and I am really enjoying the [various] workoutsâ?¦ I am actually feeling the benefits of these exercises in a very short time and my posture is straighter and I feel more aligned. The combination of qigong with various yoga poses is very effective and it has significantly released the tension and tightness in my back. His explanations during the exercises really increase my understanding and insight into the benefits of the movements and help to keep me on track and focused on the practice. But just viewing the beautiful settings along with Leeâ??s calming voice puts me into a whole different space and is incredibly relaxing and stress reducing, even without doing one exercise. I cannot begin to describe the benefits I feel after doing the morning practice. The benefits last throughout the day. I am calmer, more focused have increased concentration, I am less anxious and much better equipped to handle a very stressful day."

--Roseanne Schnoll, PhD, RD, CDN
Associate Professor, Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences
Brooklyn College of CUNY

QiGong (pronounced "chee gong" and alternatively spelled as "qigong," "qi gong," or "chi kung") is sometimes called â??the new yogaâ?? - but the practice dates back thousands of years to ancient China. The word â??qiâ?? (or â??chiâ??) means â??life forceâ?? or "vital energy of the body," and â??gongâ?? means accomplishment or skill that is cultivated through steady practice. Qi Gong is specifically designed to cultivate the body's vital energy, using it to heal and strengthen every system throughout the body. Thus, qi gong means â??cultivating energy,â?? and it involves working with energy to strengthen and cleanse the body. Using these Qi Gong DVDs, CDs, and videos will improve your relaxation, reduce pain, and improve your health.

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