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Qi Gong for More Energy

Qi Gong for More Energy
Price: $20.00
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Energy is that secret substance we all seek. Described by the ancients as the elixir of life, energy - or "Qi" - is the vital essence that creates health, harmony, and well-being. Just as the sunrise inspires the flowers to open and the birds to sing, naturally and effortlessly, Qi Gong can stimulate your own natural resources. Qi Gong translates as "working with energy."

In this 48 minute routine, Qi Gong Master Lee Holden starts off with a series of warm-ups to invigorate the body, stimulate key pressure points, and awaken your life force. Next, we progress to gentle stretching -- to open areas that chronically hold tension and stress. By releasing stress, you free up healing energy. The program ends with flowing movements to stimulate your whole system - putting every cell of your body in synch with nature and the world around you.

Routine Approx. 48 Minutes

Click here to View the Qi Gong for More Energy Pocket Routine Guide Back Page


A screen shot from Qi Gong for More Energy A screen shot from Qi Gong for More Energy A screen shot from Qi Gong for More Energy

Qi Gong: for More Energy

Sequence of Movements

  1. Spinal Twist
       Circulates energy into the spinal chord and increases flexibility.
  2. Knocking on the Door of Life
       Brings greater mobility into the back, stimulating pressure points
       that increase vitality.
  3. Pressure Point Massage
       Stimulates energy flow throughout the body.
  4. Arm Swings with Hip Twist
       Improves synchronization of upper and lower body. Increases
  5. Tiger Claw with Stretches
       Invigorates Qi and improves circulation through the body.
       Stretches neck, shoulder, spine, and arm "meridians,"
       or energy pathways.
  6. Squat with Deep Knee Bend and Lift
       Opens and strengthens the lower body.
  7. Wide-Leg Stance Deep Breathing
       Moves breath from front of the lungs to the back of the lungs.
       Clears old energy and brings in new energy.
  8. The Swimming Dragon
       Improves coordination and balances the left and right brain.
       Stimulates life force energy.
  9. Powerful Dragon
       Cultivates both strength and flexibility. Works on grounding and
       rooting through the legs.
  10. Humble Yourself to Your Inner Master
       Enhances internal connection to personal place of power and
  11. Sunrise Over the Lake
       Builds strength and power in the legs and circulates energy
       upward, for flow and flexibility in the spine and arms.
  12. Deep Abdominal Breathing
       Cultivates vital energy in the whole body.
  13. Fire Breathing
       Massages internal organs, brings energy to the center of the body,
       and ignites the Qi within.
  14. The Tiger
       Improves strength and flexibility in the hips, low back, and legs.
       Cultivates internal power.
  15. The Water Buffalo
       Great for energy and vitality, especially in the power center in the
       lower abdomen, or "Tan Tien."
  16. Clearing / Shaking
       Cleansing exercise to clear old energy and invigorate the Qi.
       Releases stress and tension.
  17. Immortal Pushes the Stone
       Opens the rib cage and the chest. Cleanses lung energy and
       infuses the body with vitality.
  18. Windmill Arms
       Opens the lung meridian. Circulates energy from the legs up
       through the spine, shoulders, and upper back.
  19. Grasping the Bird's Tail
       Opens flow of Qi and directs healing energy through the heart
  20. Sipping Breath
       Pulls Qi into internal organs.
  21. Sipping Breath with Orbit and Wag the Tail
       Opens the "microcosmic orbit," a Taoist energy cultivation
       technique moving energy up the spine and down the front of
       the body, into the internal organs.
  22. Turning the Water Wheel
       Circulates Qi up the spine and down the front of the body. Infuses
       the nervous system with more vitality.
  23. Opening to the Six Directions
       Draws in and circulates energy. Awakens consciousness.
  24. The Swimming Dragon
       Gathers energy into lower abdomen (Tan Tien). Helps to center
       and balance.
  25. Between Heaven and Earth
       Connects us and opens us to the energy around us. Develops
       fluidity and relaxation.
  26. Embrace the Wind, Caress the Sun
       Cultivates flowing energy within the body.
  27. Pulling Down the Heavens with Twist
       Infuses the body with life force energy and brings universal
       Qi inward.
  28. Bone Breathing Standing Posture
       Pulls energy deep into the body. Restores energy and vitality.
  29. Monk Holding the Pearl
       Standing meditation: develops inner strength and
       emotional balance.
  30. Bamboo in the Wind
       Connects you to the place of power within.

QiGong (pronounced "chee gong" and alternatively spelled as "qigong," "qi gong," or "chi kung") is sometimes called "the new yoga" - but the practice dates back thousands of years to ancient China. The word "qi" (or "chi") means "life force" or "vital energy of the body," and gong means accomplishment or skill that is cultivated through steady practice. Qi Gong is specifically designed to cultivate the body's vital energy, using it to heal and strengthen every system throughout the body. Thus, qi gong means "cultivating energy," and it involves working with energy to strengthen and cleanse the body. Using these Qi Gong DVDs, CDs, and videos will improve your relaxation, reduce pain, and improve your health.

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