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Qi Gong Intermediate Practice

Qi Gong Intermediate Practice
Price: $20.00

Qi Gong Intermediate DVD is designed to be extremely calming to the nervous system — and to deepen the sense of relaxed flow already familiar to most Qi Gong fans. Anyone struggling with anxiety, agitation, or stress stands to benefit from regular Qi Gong practice, and this DVD offers a more in-depth series of stretches and flows to “wring the tension” from dozens of nooks and crannies in the body that are hardest to reach and stretch. At the same time, the Qi Gong Intermediate Practice routine is deceptively active, thus energizing. Users who are aware of their bodies might literally feel anxiety transmuting into useful energy.

Qi Gong is about transformation -- and this DVD is designed to enhance energy level and sense of well-being -- perhaps even within 10 or 15 minutes of practice. While the sixty-five-minute runtime might seem daunting, users may feel so good at the halfway point that they want to continue through the whole routine. Alternatively, when time runs short, there’s value in doing as much as time permits and returning to finish the rest later.

Qi Gong Intermediate Practice
  • Creates a stronger "Qi field"
  • Clears mental stress
  • Enhances emotional clarity
  • Cultivates flexibility
  • Builds coordination
  • Improves balance
  • Releases tension
Continue toward the mastery of energy work with this next level in Qi Gong practice. In this routine, Master Lee Holden introduces a range of extended and more advanced movements. Qi Gong fans will enjoy developing a deeper practice and learning new variations and combinations of movements. 

Routine Approx. 65 Minutes

Sequence of Movements

  • Deep Abdominal Breathing
    Centers the body's energy before Qi Gong practice.
  • Knocking on the Door of Life
    Increases the range of motion through the spine, releasing tension out of the muscles and increasing flexibility.
  • Knocking on the Door of Life With a Step Back
    Releases tension from the lower body, builds coordination and balance, and increases Qi.
  • Arm Swings / Clearing
    Releases old energy from the body, and tension and tightness out of the neck and shoulders.
  • Spinal Cord Breathing
    Opens the chest, upper back, and neck, improving spinal cord health.
  • Spinal Cord Breath With Twist
    Directs vital energy up the back, through the internal organs, and into the lungs.
  • Swimming Serpent
    Improves spinal health and vitality by opening the rib cage, moving the joints in the spine, and clearing tension in the large muscles next to the spine.
  • The Arrow
    Focuses strength and power through the spine.
  • Forward Bend to Sitting in a Chair
    Directs strength, power, and energy through the legs and into the lower-back.
  • Forward Bend
    Relaxes the head, neck, and shoulders.
  • Massage the Back of the Legs
    Channels circulation through tight hamstring muscles and increases energy and vitality through the back.
  • Hands Over Head / On-Toes Stretch
    For balance and stretching; opens the rib cage.
  • Stretch Side-to-Side
    Deep stretch; opens the rib cage.
  • Arms Shoulder-Height, Palms-Out
    Deep stretch into the neck and shoulders.
  • Stretch: Fingertips Point Behind
    Deep stretch through the neck and front of the arms.
  • Stretch: Fingertips Point Down
    Deep stretch through the back of the arms.
  • Stretch: Fingertips Point Forward
    Stretches neck, shoulders, and upper back.
  • Wave With Variations
    Unlocks tension and cultivates flexibility through all the vertebrae.
  • Hip Circles
    Brings circulation and energy into lower spine area, releases lower-back tension, opens the hips, and moves energy through the tailbone.
  • Earth Revolves Around the Sun
    Spirals energy through the body by adding the arms to the hip circles.
  • The Tiger
    Increases energy, opens the hips, and stregthens the legs.
  • The Tiger Stretch
    Stretches the insides of the legs and the hips, opens the knees, and improves flexibility in the lower body.
  • Move the Body Like a River
    Cultivates flexibility and flow by opening the spine in a lateral direction.
  • Move the Body Like a River: Add Arm Stretch
    Opens the rib cage to facilitate deeper breathing.
  • Full-Body Flow
    Opens the front and back of the body, balancing yin and yang.
  • Opening the Door of Life
    A spinal twist and deep stretch to release tension from the lower spine.
  • The Bow and Arrow
    Pumps energy through the body; improves clarity, focus, and internal power.
  • Powerful Dragon
    Builds power, strength, and flexibility in the legs and upper body.
  • Dragon Flow: Soaring Dragon and Powerful Dragon
    Full-body opening for strength and balance.
  • The Rooster Stands on One Leg
    Improves mental focus, strength, and balance.
  • The Crane Soaring
    Builds strength, power, and balance.
  • The Dragon Spirals and Twists
    Wraps energy around the body.
  • Grasping the Bird's Tail
    Collects external energy and focuses it deeply into the body.
  • Repulse the Monkey
    Opens the heart meridian and clears the heart channel, creates emotional balance and increases joy, and activates a self-healing response.
  • Parting the Horse's Mane
    Facilitates the dynamic movement of joyful energy through the body.
  • Diagonal Fist
    Fluid movement that enables energy to move through the extremities.
  • Turning the Wheel
    Recycles and recharges the body's internal energy. Balances the endocrine system and calms the nervous system. 
  • Pulsing: Abdomen, Heart, Head
    Creates a stronger Qi field to improve health and vitality.
  • Embrace the wind, Caress the Moon
    Clears old energy out of the body. Brings calming energy into the mind.
  • Standing Posture
    Opens up the body.
  • Pulling Down the Heavens (To the Six Directions)
    Opens the body to receive waves of relaxing energy.
  • Pulling Down the Heavens
    Helps to clear mental stress and recharge the body. 
  • Bird Learning to Fly
    Ripples energy through the body, improving flow and relaxation.
  • Connecting to the Three Forces
    Restores vitality to each of the body's three major life forces and transforms stagnant energy into flowing Qi.
  • Connect to the Universe
    Charges the brain with universal Qi.
  • Flying
    Releases tension; facilitates a sense of connection to the universe. 
  • Centering
    Enhances emotional clarity and blance while fostering vitality.
  • Bamboo in the Wind
    Nurtures harmony and balance of body, mind, and spirit. Connects the consciousness to the "field of Qi"

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