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Home > Exercise To Heal > Qi Gong: Moving Meditation

Qi Gong: Moving Meditation

Qi Gong: Moving Meditation
Price: $20.00
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Master Instructor Lee Holden teaches the art of movement through meditation in this 34 minute Qi Gong program. Combining exercise, stretch, flowing movements, and mindfulness, this ancient form of exercise is poetry through movement. 

What if you could combine the benefits of exercise with mind calming power of meditation? Everyone knows that exercise delivers amazing health and longevity benefits, but fewer people are aware of the power of meditation. Research suggests that meditation slows down the aging process and contributes to overall health and well-being, while also cultivating creativity and mental clarity.

Think of meditation as a mini-vacation from the fast-paced, intense, emotionally draining world we live in. It is an inner journey where you will discover peace, tranquility and a state of deep relaxation. This program focuses on mindfulness and “flow” through movement and energetic awareness. In this program, host Lee Holden teaches a form of meditation using focused movement to center the mind and body. Using slow, continuous Qi Gong flows, Holden trains viewers to integrate body, mind, and breath. Use this DVD any time you want to steady yourself in the present moment and unwind back to a place of being centered and balanced.

Routine Approx. 34 minutes
Bonus Meditations Approx. 22 min
(Includes Seated and Standing)

Click here to View the Qi Gong Moving Meditation Pocket Routine Guide Back Page


A screen shot from Qi Gong for Moving Meditation A screen shot from Qi Gong for Moving Meditation A screen shot from Qi Gong for Moving Meditation

Qi Gong: Moving Meditation™

Sequence of Movements

  1. Deep Breathing
       Calms and quiets the mind and brings you to the present moment.
  2. Knocking on the Door of Life
       Stimulates energy and the flow of Qi throughout the body.
  3. Spinal Cord Breathing
       Awakens energy in the spine and clears stress
       and tension out of the back.
  4. Palm Press Out to Sides with Neck Stretch
       Releases stress and tension out of the neck and shoulders.
  5. Shoulder Circle (Oiling the Shoulder Joint)
       Releases stress and tightness out of the shoulder,
       upper back, and neck.
  6. Low Back Stretch/Pressure Points with Hip Circles
       Opens joints of the body and brings circulation and energy into the
       lower back area.
  7. The Wave
       Brings energy flow through the spine. Opens energy along the
       front and back of the body.
  8. Standing Spinal Twist with Hands on Knees
       Brings flow and flexibility into the low back and hips while
       opening the rib cage.
  9. Move the Body Like a River
       Cultivates overall strength and flexibility for more balance
       in the body.
  10. Buddha Holds Up the Earth
       Facilitates deep breathing essential to all meditation practices.
       Strengthens the lungs.
  11. Tree Swaying
       Promotes the smooth flow of energy. Trains the body to move
       with relaxation.
  12. Tai Chi Opening - Simple to Expanded
       Creates a connection to the present moment and a sensation of
       how the body moves through space.
  13. Opening to the Six Directions
       Draws in energy and circulates it within the body.
  14. Circle Both Arms in One Direction
       Calms the mind and returns awareness into the present moment.
  15. Lao Gong Circles
       Cultivates and spirals life-force energy through the body.
  16. Wu Chi Standing
       Standing posture to focus energy.
  17. Baby Bird Learning to Fly
       Cultivates lightness through the whole body, trains muscles to
       move with relaxation.
  18. Flying
       Cultivates lightness through the whole body, trains muscles to
       move with relaxation.
  19. The Lotus Exercise
       Moves energy through the heart center to generate loving energy
       and compassion.
  20. Extended Lotus Exercise
       Helps bring clarity to the mind and compassion to the heart.
  21. Moving the Body Like a Great River
       Creates flow and flexibility and trains the body to move like
       water, releasing stress and tension.
  22. The Three Tan Tiens
       Infuses life force energy into the three main reservoirs - body,
       mind, and spirit.
  23. Embracing the Tree
       Helps the body to soak up more energy.
  24. Monk Holding the Pearl
       Helps to store, center, and focus energy in the lower Tan Tien.
  25. Bamboo in the Wind
       Helps unwind stress and tension and allows the body to come
       back to a place of being balanced and centered.

QiGong (pronounced "chee gong" and alternatively spelled as "qigong," "qi gong," or "chi kung") is sometimes called “the new yoga” - but the practice dates back thousands of years to ancient China. The word “qi” (or “chi”) means “life force” or "vital energy of the body," and “gong” means accomplishment or skill that is cultivated through steady practice. Qi Gong is specifically designed to cultivate the body's vital energy, using it to heal and strengthen every system throughout the body. Thus, qi gong means “cultivating energy,” and it involves working with energy to strengthen and cleanse the body. Using these Qi Gong DVDs, CDs, and videos will improve your relaxation, reduce pain, and improve your health.

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