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Home > Qi Gong for Athletes > Qi Gong 7 Minutes of Magic: AM & PM Routines

Qi Gong 7 Minutes of Magic: AM & PM Routines

Qi Gong 7 Minutes of Magic: AM & PM Routines
Price: $20.00
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 Click here to View the 7 Minutes of Magic Pocket Routine Guide Front
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"A perfect blend of Western and Eastern fitness to jump-start your day and help you relax at night."
      -Deepak Chopra, M.D. / Best-Selling Author

"The new DVD is WONDERFUL! I love the format, having both extended and 7 minute workouts for AM and PM and 7 minutes for health. I look forward to the upcoming releases. [The workouts are] never boring, and I look forward to the time I spend doing it. Thanks to you all for the planning and hard work that went into these productions."  -Nancy Ayton, 61

This breakthrough routine from Lee Holden blends the best of qi gong and yoga in a highly effective mix that delivers results, fast. With his signature down-to-earth instructions, Lee guides you through several variations that will energize you in the morning, reduce stress during the day, and relax in the evening. Best of all, you can experience a refreshing, healing boost to body, mind and spirit anytime, in just 7 Minutes of Magic!


 Click to View the 7 Minutes of Magic AM PM Sequence of Movements

Click here to download
the Pocket Routine Guide PDF

(requires Adobe Acrobat)


NOTE: The standard AM and PM routines featured on this DVD are invigorating -- but they do require the ability to get on and off of the floor.  If you prefer a standing workout, we suggest the "7 Minutes of Health" routine included on the DVD.  This offers a less-challenging option that can be used anytime.

Approx. 60 mins. exercise time PLUS bonus materials

A Closer Look at the AM Routine

Release Stored Energy with the Spinal Twist

After sleeping, the lower back can become stiff and tight. The spinal twist, one of the first movements in the AM routine, will elongate the spine, restore flexibility, and release stored energy. After our teenage years, the only way to increase the flow of spinal fluid in the joints is to do the appropriate stretching. This is one of the best stretches you can perform.

Visualize a Successful Day with the Mind Flow

Setting our intentions for the day might be the most important part of this seven-minute routine. Just as a quarterback visualizes his receiver catching the ball, or a businessperson visualizes delivering a successful presentation, your day also depends on you seeing it unfold in your mind's eye. This short meditation will help you visualize a wonderful and rewarding day.

Among the other highlights of the morning routine:

  • A natural boost of energy: learn how to massage your kidneys and adrenal glands for more energy than a double latte - and without the caffeine crash
  • "Door of Life": how this pressure point can be stimulated to release dormant energy - in the morning or at any time of the day
  • Tingling and buzzing: See how the morning movements unlock stored energy, so much so that you can feel it coursing through your body
  • Learn one of the best exercises for abdominal strength: it will give you the maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time
  • Maintaining emotional balance: how deep breathing exercises are a fundamental key to healthy emotional balance
  • Understand why deep breathing in the morning affects your breathing pattern for the rest of the day

A Closer Look at the PM Routine

Clear Mental Tension by Massaging the "Bubbling Springs"

Massaging the feet helps relax the mind and prepare the body for deep, restful sleep. The Bubbling Springs is a specific pressure point located just below the ball of the foot. Massaging it alleviates any tension and stress that has built up throughout the day.

Open the Hips for a Full-Body Release of Tension

This is an especially good movement to do at the end of the day because the large muscles near the hips can carry an unusual amount of tension. This stretch is perfect for those that have spent much of the day sitting in a chair, car, or airplane.

Additional highlights of the evening routine:

  • Spinal cord breathing: the most effective way to remove stress and tension at the end of the day
  • The magic sound: what special sound you can repeat to yourself in the evening (or any time of the day) to wash away tension, worry, and negative energy
  • Calm the central nervous system: because we are so stimulated throughout the day (often subconsciously), this gentle yoga pose is necessary to flush out anxiety and calm the nervous system
  • "Dog Wagging the Tail": This fun movement helps release tension in the large muscles that run up the back and support the spine
  • Seated Flow: a simple, yet dynamic, series of seated stretching movements that not only increases flexibility, but also flushes out repetitive thought patterns

Put Some Magic Into Your Life

The 7 Minutes of Magic DVD contains:

  • Two AM routines (the standard 7-minute routine, and a longer, 15-minute version with added instruction)
  • Two PM routines (both the standard and extended versions)
  • An additional 7-minute routine of gentle, standing movements, great for taking it easy or adding variety
  • A handy pocket routine guide that lists the movements and benefits of each routine - perfect for traveling
  • An informative 34-minute interview with the DVD's instructor and Qi Gong master, Lee Holden
  • Behind-the-scenes video on the making of 7 Minutes of Magic
  • Introductory segment

7 Minutes of Magic Sequence of Movements

AM Routine Sequence of Movements

Core Flow

  1. Lie Down Flat - Deep Abdominal Breathing - Energy & Vitality
  2. Hug Knees, Side to Side - Wake up Adrenals
  3. Spinal Twist, with Both Legs - Stretch the Spine
  4. Hug Knees, Abdominal Press - Strengthen Abdominals
  5. Hands on Thighs, Knees Bent - Strengthen Abdominals
  6. Bicycle Legs - Strengthen Abdominals
  7. Hug Knees to Chest - Stretch Low Back

Upper Body Flow

  1. Child's Pose - Stretch Low Back
  2. Cobra - Low Back Mobility
  3. Child's Pose - Stretch Low Back
  4. Mountain (Downward-Facing Dog) - Strength & Flexibility
  5. Cobra to Mountain (Repeat 3x) - Strength & Flexibility
  6. Tai Chi Push-Ups - Upper Body Strength

Lower Body Flow

  1. Standing Forward Bend - Stretch Hamstrings
  2. Lunge - Right Leg - Strength & Energy
  3. Standing Forward Bend - Stretch Hamstrings
  4. Lunge - Left Leg - Strength & Energy
  5. Standing Forward Bend - Stretch Hamstrings
  6. Tiger - Leg Strength, Open Hips

Full Body Flow

  1. Wide Leg Forward Bend - Stretch Hamstrings, Spine, Abdomen

Energy Flow

  1. Knocking on the Door of Life - Energize the Body,
    Circulation into Low Back
  2. Qi Massage - Energize the body

Breath Flow

  1. Pulling Up the Earth - Increase Lung Capacity, Energy

Mind Flow

  1. Bamboo in the Wind - Focus, Clear Intent, Centering

PM Routine Sequence of Movements

Spinal Flow

  1. Spinal Cord Breathing - Relax Nerves, Stretch Spine

Upper Back & Neck Flow

  1. Palms Behind Back - Neck Stretch

Lower Back Flow

  1. Picking Cherries - Elongate Low Back Area
  2. Thumbs Press - Low Back Pressure Points & Mobility
  3. Standing Forward Bend - Hamstring Stretch

Downward Flow

  1. Child's Pose - Release Tension
  2. Dog Wags Tail - Lateral Spine Mobility
  3. Peacock Looks at Tail - Low Back Mobility, Gluteal Stretch

Seated Flow

  1. Turtle Neck - Open Hips, Elongate Spine
  2. Forward Bend, One Knee Bent - Low Back Stretch (Both Sides)
  3. Qi Foot Massage - Relieve Stress & Sleep Soundly

Lying Flow

  1. Hug Knee to Chest - Clear Tension in Back
  2. Twist to Each Side - Open the Spine, Calm the Nerves
  3. Healing Sound -Joy & Gratitude

7 Minutes Anytime for Health Routine

  1. Deep Abdominal Breathing - Centering
  2. Spinal Cord Breathing - Relax the Nerves, Stretch the Spine
  3. The Wave - Spinal Mobility
  4. Palm Press - Stretch Neck, Upper Back, Arms
  5. Bear Swimming - Opens the Lungs, Chest
  6. Return to the Mountain - Relaxation, Tranquility
  7. Parting the Clouds - Clearing Negative Energy, Focus
  8. Centering - Inner Balance
  9. Bamboo in the Wind - Focus, Clear Intent, Centering


The 5 Keys to Mastery (DVD):

As seen on public television, discover a profoundly new way to achieve more...by doing less.These insights from figures like Carlos Santana, Linus Torvalds and akido master George Leonard will change the way you look at your life.  Find it here.

QiGong (pronounced "chee gong" and alternatively spelled as "qigong," "qi gong," or "chi kung") is sometimes called "the new yoga" - but the practice dates back thousands of years to ancient China. The word "qi" (or "chi") means "life force" or "vital energy of the body," and "gong" means accomplishment or skill that is cultivated through steady practice. Qi Gong is specifically designed to cultivate the body's vital energy, using it to heal and strengthen every system throughout the body. Thus, qi gong means "cultivating energy," and it involves working with energy to strengthen and cleanse the body. Using these Qi Gong DVDs, CDs, and videos will improve your relaxation, reduce pain, and improve your health.

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